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Here is our continually growing list of Mississippi John Hurt online resources. Whether you are looking for scholarly discussion on MJH and the Blues or simply browsing, visiting one of these sites is a sure way to enrich your Mississippi John Hurt experience.

The Foundation's first website, created by an unknown fan, has been curated by Frank Delaney since 2005. This site was the only source for information about the Foundation and Museum for many years.

Created by Fred Bolden, Mississippi John Hurt's grand-nephew, this site is exclusively a Forum for Mississippi John Hurt related discussion. Although updated infrequently, the site is simple to navigate and should be one of the first stops for those looking for primary, first hand accounts of Mississippi John Hurt and his family.

Want to learn about the real Stack O' Lee? Look no further. The personal site of British journalist Paul Slade, Planetslade.com hosts a great section devoted entirely to research on "murder ballads", that old-fashioned genre of song from which Mississippi John Hurt drew the inspiration for classics such as "Frankie" and "Stack O' Lee". Great reading.

Referred to as "the mother of all blues geek websites" by Acoustic Guitar magazine, visiting Weenie Campbell for the first time is akin to taking a trip down the rabbit hole. Except in this story, Wonderland is rural Mississippi in the 1920's. Nowhere on the internet will one find more detailed, better researched scholarly discourse on country blues. Mississippi John Hurt and his music are frequent topics of conversation on this very active online forum.

The website of noted acoustic blues guitar teacher Stefan Grossman, here one can find a rare interview with Mississippi John Hurt conducted by Nick Perls and Tom Hoskins, two active participants in the "blues revival" of the 1960's.

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