Rainbow Quest

  • Spike Driver's Blues
  • Lonesome Valley
  • Goodnight Irene

Undeterred by his "blacklisting" by the U.S. government for alleged communist ties, legendary folk musician/activist Pete Seeger produced a black and white music television program entitled "Rainbow Quest". Aired originally from 1965-1966 on a New York Spanish language channel, Seeger's program showcased important blues, bluegrass, and folk musicians. The show was eventually picked up by New York City's Public Broadcast Channel 13, re-airing from 1966-1967. Notable guests included Doc Watson, Rev. Gary Davis, and Mississippi John Hurt. John's segment, while short, included performances of Goodnight Irene, Spike Driver's Blues, and You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley. Filmed just a month prior to his death, John recounts to Pete Seeger the story of how he obtained and learned to play his first guitar at the age of nine.